Create Picture Password

Configure Picture Password in Windows 8

Wow !! i tried this password method its really cool.Windows 8 brings you a new security feature, picture as a security (password). Picture password is a good way to protect our touchscreen computer. Not only for touchscreen system you can also configure picture password on non-touchscreen PC.  Create a combination of Circle,Tabs and Straight Line to make password. The position,the size and direction of our gestures become part of our picture password.

1. Point your mouse to right bottom corner click “Settings”

2. Select “Change PC Settings”

3. Click “Users”

4. Create a password for for your local or Msn user so that you will be able to configure picture password.

5. Now click “Create a picture password”

6. Confirm your current password

7. Choose a picture that you want to use as a password to log in.

8. Make three actions from your mouse. Make one circle,one or two straight line on the picture. You will be asked once again to draw the same for confirmation just do what you did first. Its just like creating a new password. See the picture above for example i have made leg to leg one line, face to flame and one circle on the tree. Important things is don’t forget to remember the position,size and direction of the gestures. Enabling 3 type of security to log in is better than single. Create PIN password so that you will be asked to log in by three ways. Password,Picture Password and PIN.

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