Make prefect look to your start screen

If you are new bee to windows 8 you may be confused to change the background color in windows 8. It happens in every release of windows from Microsoft not only background there are many more things could have been changed. To change the start screen background follow the steps

1. Point your mouse to bottom of right corner
You will then see Search,Share,Start,Devices and Settings icons

2. Select “Settings”(No Pic)
3. Select “Change PC Settings” (Look at bottom)

4. Now PC settings appears Select “Personalize” (If not highlighted in default)
5. Look at top of right side there you can see Lock Screen,Start Screen and Account Picture.
6. Select “Start Screen” first select the design for your background then change the color.
7. No need of Apply or OK.  Now your amazing START SCREEN has been set.
Its Done !

Also you can change your lock screen and Local Account picture by browsing to local drives.

Refference :

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